Company account in social networks is the MAST HAVE of modern marketing, but why? The thing is that paying users massively integrate their consumer demand on Instagram, less often on Facebook (depending on the country).

In Instagram the most important thing is not only the post picture, but also how the pictures fit together on the profile page. They should be made in the same style so as to blend harmoniously.

In addition to the development of a brand book, logos and outdoor advertising our company is engaged in the development of designs for social networks.

                   Social media design components:

Instagram – the design of this social network includes the creation of an avatar (the main profile picture), the creation of templates for relevant stories, the creation of designs for stories and the design of the feed itself, that is, those pictures that will be assigned to each post.

Facebook – design of this social network includes the development of the upper part – the profile header, and the creation of templates for publications under different headings of posts.

YouTube – design of YouTube includes the development of an account profile header, as well as the development of screensavers for each video.

Order a batch design for social networks from us, and get a guaranteed gift – the design of any printed matter.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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